Push helps to charity peoples and supporting and maintaining home community(push peoples)


Is to build a bright tomorrow for Orphans and Neglected children regadless of Caste,Creed and Colour. We work on voluntary basis and none of the staff is paid for the service.We recieve no funds from any government. Every child is looked after with great care in ah happy,family environment but not as an institution.


Push helps the destitutes,Orphans,Neglected,Needy and Abandoned children by providing their basic needs like Food and to provide a home for the under privileges children in India and offer them good nutrition and education to care and provide for the neglected old age people in India. Also shelter and clothes as a "Port in the storm" apart from educating them though this trust was initiated with one child in the year 2000, we now have 45 children from Tamilnadu,Andhra Pradesh and Orissa State.


To supply atleast nutrition meal per day to as many orphans as possible. Additional building facilities like Dining,Study room,Prayer Hall. To start children/old age Homes in each state in India. To provide Home for the Homeless people and safe drinking water. To provide medical service for the poor and needy in the community. To open school/Vocational Training Center to benefit both the children at push family and the surrounding community.